Financing for Development Conference Roadmap to a Sustainable Future
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The roadmap for the Third International Conference on Financing for Development laid out a series of informal sessions leading up to the conference in July 2015. These sessions included discussion on a wide range of topics related to sustainable development, including:

  • Mobilizing domestic public resources through policy reform, taxation, and debt financing/resolution;
  • Mobilizing international public finance, focusing on aid and development effectiveness and North-South, South-South, and triangular cooperation;
  • Increasing private financing through the use of remittances and private development assistance, long-term investments, SME financing, and the development of local capital markets;
  • Establishing effective, inclusive enabling environments;
  • Addressing issues of trade reform;
  • Strengthening capacity and reducing gaps in technology use and data access;
  • Enhancing transparency in local, regional, and international governance and markets; and
  • Addressing country-specific economic and financial needs, particularly in low-income and least-developed countries.